Residential Learning

Learn German in Germany


Sprachkomfort offers you the chance to learn German in Cologne, a cosmopolitan city that is known as a leading cultural and media centre. You will have private accommodation in the heart of Cologne with excellent public transport connections. From here, you can immerse yourself in local culture – either on your own or accompanied by a personal trainer.


Our Residential Learning package consists of the following basic elements:



A single room with kitchenette (self-catering) in Cologne, with customised one-to-one instruction from the host.



Choose how you wish to spend your free time:

- Make your own plans – there are brochures, event pamphlets and a city plan to help you choose what to do.


- Alternatively, we can arrange company tours (welfare institutions, culture and media businesses, large enterprises) and cultural events (theatre shows, museum visits, concerts) or create a program focused on a certain theme, e.g. “Engineering in Germany”. Upon request, we will help you during lessons to prepare for the different activities both in terms of the topic and the vocabulary.



Prices available upon request