Company tuition

Language instruction for employees working with people in other countries


Many positions in global companies require foreign language skills. English is an absolute must for global players. From in-house export staff to specialists deployed abroad, Sprachkomfort provides your employees with the professional language training they need to deal effectively with customers and suppliers.


                                                      German language tuition for foreign employees

Do you have new staff or trainees from abroad who need language tuition to help them integrate into their new environment? If so, Sprachkomfort can help them to learn German which allows you to bring out the best in your employees.


Courses for tradespeople

Have you hired tradespeople or trainees from abroad because you cannot find specialist staff in Germany anymore? Your new employees have the qualifications and the motivation, but communication issues sometimes give rise to delays or mistakes in the workplace. Why don’t you offer them German lessons to ensure the work on site goes without a hitch? Our German courses for tradespeople have a practical focus, featuring clearly structured material and activities tailored to their everyday duties. Professional vocabulary forms a core part of lessons.